British punk legend TV Smith / Wristbands

Sometimes Blablahospital lets me meet some really, really special people.  TV Smith is one of those special people who make me wish I was back in London.

Let me tell you about him a bit:

One of the very first punk bands in the UK was The Adverts.  They played at The Roxy, the first ever punk venue in London, during its opening month in January 1977.  Can you believe that?  The Adverts were there at the beginning of punk! Watch this video:
The Adverts live in 1977

Since The Adverts broke up in 1979, TV Smith has continued to make powerful, independent, passionate and honest music, playing around the world and working harder than most “punk” people do.  He is a true punk spirit and I’m so honoured he wears my wristbands.
TV Smith live 2004 (with Blablahospital wristbands!)

TV Smith :



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