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✚Blabla Legwear✚
Did you know that Blablanurse loves socks and tights and all that? It was her dream to make original socks for the label. Finally, the dream came true!  

Many of the tights and socks contain designs with real-life events and emotions. Inspired by daily life. and of course, they go into the medical theme designs as well.

+love letter to the foxwoman..blablanurse watched a video of a fox woman who has a woman face but her body was fox then she wanted to write a letter to her but she didn't know the address to send, so yeah she created the knee-high socks to express her feeling....(and her blabla patients are wearing them. I wonder if the foxwoman will see us and find out the messages!!)
+Example 2
When she saw a child saying "key" instead of "cookie".... She doesn't miss even the small thing. The small thing makes her wonder. When she feels them through BLABLA's filter and spits them out, it ends up with designs like these.

What's going on in her brain? She has actually been told that. but I would like to say that again. This is how it is. This is how Blablahospital is.

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