We are Japanese fashion label from Tokyo called Blablahospital

We are Japanese fashion label from Tokyo called Blablahospital

Blablahospital is a medical punk fashion label!?

This is how we say in public, Is this introduction right for Blablahospital? We have many kind of style and many of our designs are handmade one of kind design, which makes each item super special. No need to be stuck in one categories! Have fun dressing up in your best way freely! Handmade items have a special power! It's not just "clothes" an anymore!

Would you like to know more about Blablahospital?
Let's ask Mrs Teller about it!

Mrs Teller
Once unpon a time....there was a...


I don't let her talk about everything yet! It will be a long story!

so... Is this brand that old?

Blablahospital now has history and many stories to tell you, but what are you imagining!! it's not like 520years or something! (that would be cool, but no for now) Not  that old since this brand probably will exist another 20 years and more...Apparently Japanese women live long and Blabla Nurse's punk spirt is here forever! Get well soon, patients! Let's live together!

Who is the head nurse?

Please don't be too noisy about her! All we know is she is Japanese so far, right? She created Blablahospital when she was in London. Even though now this is a Japanese fashion label, her London punk sprit still in Blablahospital. Probably you can see something from her creation. 

She kept saying that she want to evolve her creativity, so she is busy creating new things every day trying to go to the next level! She is hoping to patients to feel the telepathy from her. Let her focus on her thing, and we, blabla nurses are  here to tell you about Blablahospital !