Messages from my clothes
Hey, It's been a while. I haven't been speaking much about my clothes for a while. I thought people would feel something from my clothes...since my clothes are not just "clothes" so it will be great if I will be able to talk to you through my clothes. 



Feel or Listen to me
I've been enjoying connecting to people through my clothes without any words and explanations. People can feel my clothes just like you feel arts and music. However, lately, I've been thinking of talking about my art because I love talking and it's one of my creations as well. so it's time to talk about my art! Are you ready?


進化の過程である 脱〇〇系!

Can't describe my label in a single word
 I made so many clothes and artworks. So many different styles and designs which may confuse people but this whole thing is my style. Why not? Please pick your favorite piece from my artwork. Because you can't fit in one category of style either. It's you! It's me! Only one in the world! 

featured in:

Exit magazine (UK) NewYorkTimes Style agazine (US) •Senken h (Japan) •Kodin Kuvalehti (Finland) •Senken Shinbun (Japan) •Health and Fitness magazine(UK) •Gothic Lolita Bible(Japan) •KERA! (Japan) •Good for Nothing magazine (UK) •Japanese street.com •Metropolis(Japan) •CNNgo,etc and more...


Thank you very much for being my patient



STOCKIST お取り扱いショップ

STOCKIST: 0101ANEX Shinjuku 7F, Kerashop, Tokyo. Macaronic Hoyajuku Kouenji Tokyo,   . Village Vanguard Online Store and more at pop up shops and events...

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