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Tokyo Punk Knit Handmade Red and White Punk Scarf 【152cm】

Tokyo Punk Knit Handmade Red and White Punk Scarf 【152cm】

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Good morning! Good morning, or good evening, or good afternoon?! Thank you for visiting! Thank you so much for taking a look at my new punk knit design!

When I was in high school. I've decided to become a fashion designer! Since then, I've been making clothes. I've been sewing and sewing, but also knitting sometimes. However, I haven't been able to do knitting for my patients. I was busy" was the reason I couldn't do it. This excuse is one of the most boring excuses ever. To be honest, as you know, knitting takes a lot of time, haha. So I just haven't been able to find the time to do it.
But wait! Wait! I thought to myself, why can't I do what I want to do?
Blablahospital is a "forever" indie brand. To keep it that way, I shouldn't forget the punk spirit, hehe. Yes, I've decided to do knitting, knitting, knitting!

I love making things from scratch. Making the scarf from yarns...oh my God! Knitting one by one..ah! I really do have a lot of fun with this kind of making. Something that did not exist before is being created and is becoming what it is now - the feeling that something is being created out of a thin thread.

I've been practising a lot to create my own punk knit design that you can only get from me. I really want to make special items that you will not be able to get from anyone else.

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Size: Free
Scarf 18x 152cm
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