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Tokyo Punk Fashion Handmade Sleeveless Pullover Dress

Tokyo Punk Fashion Handmade Sleeveless Pullover Dress

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Time for Tokyo Punk fashion?

Ah I feel great! When I make clothes like this. feel like I'm a bull!! These colors make me feel RIGHT!

hi! Thank you for looking at this page! I wonder who is reading here on the web store of an indie fashion label from Tokyo. How did you find us? By the way, you don't want to talk to me like this I guess...yes you want to know more about this dress? hehe can you feel something from this dress? Do Punk clothes have to be handmade? the feeling of "someone made it" is nice isnt it? cool isnt it? Nowadays there are so many things on the plants. It's easy to get things you need. I want this dress to be special because I MADE IT! YAY! haha I don't know if you can tell my super energy from this writing.. How can I tell you that I'm so excited about this. Can I call you? wouldn't want to hear from me...too much talking...Ghotic girl can be quite and mysterious but Blablahospital is pretty bright and friendly ahha. why? because we enjoy every single moment!! Dressing up and we all have lovely experiences with our clothes. Maybe someone will speak to you while wearing the dress. "Did you make this dress?" how are you going to answer to this quesiton? Are you ready for the BLABLA adventure?  I believe that clothes in not just clothes... not like things you wear...its more than THINGS right? who is reading here will understand yes you!!! Thank you for reading!

Our Blabla nurse is someone who tries very hard to do something unnecessary.ahhaha

(oops, I just laughed at her. I shouldn't do that! Because this is the page to write about clothes right? but this is blablahospital. I'm talking to you ;D this is not CV about clothes hehee) 

These threads want to be the center of attention

She doesn't cut the threads this time, she even added extra threads as design. hanging hanging...they drip like blood. In dressmaking school, she was taught to cut thread neatly. But her punk spirit will not allow it. There are days when even the threads want to be the star of the show. She also paints each and every piece....

Have I explained enough about clothes!? 

If you have any questions please contact us ;D
(blablanurses are friendly! Don't worry!)

+Tokyo Punk Sleeveless dress+

Fabrics :

Cleaning instructions: 
handwash only

Display dummy dimensions:
 chest 82cm waist 63cm hips 88cm legs 91cm



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